The AAUW Maryland On-line Community Branch was approved for formation on Saturday, July 15, 2016, by the AAUW Maryland Board of Directors.  The formation of the On-line Community Branch was then approved by AAUW national on October 15, 2016, pending completion of a variety of documents including by-laws and a 501(c)4 affiliate agreement.

AAUW Maryland is committed to using technology to enhance communications and forging connections with current and prospective members. While not a substitute for traditional land branches, virtual communities have several advantages. These include helping to keep AAUW members residing in Maryland who are not affiliated with a branch engaged, providing continuity for lifetime members whose health may not permit travel, and supporting public policy and advocacy efforts.

The online/virtual community is an extension of the current AAUW state Board; thus, separate officers have not been elected. Among the benefits of online community membership include a dedicated website, receipt of the quarterly newsletter, opportunities to participate in public policy and advocacy events (e.g., lobby day and candidate forums), and invitations to statewide events such as the annual convention and NCCSWL.